Our Artists


At Cloth & Crown we are dedicated to supporting and celebrating female artists. We love incorporating original artworks into our products and are committed to offering new, playful, colour-filled designs that you can't get anywhere else!

Christie is an Australian surface pattern designer and illustrator who loves drawing colourful Australian flowers, tropical plants, whimsical birds and nature inspired designs. She spends her days joyfully creating designs for fabric, textiles, home decor, and stationery from her home studio in the lush Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. Christie often finds inspiration right outside her windows from the native birds and surrounding forest and gardens.
Brook Gossen is a freelance pattern designer and illustrator from Brisbane, Australia. She loves to create fun and playful designs and illustrations with a feminine and whimsical feel.

I'm Jiah Harrison, the artist and designer behind Elephant & Rose. I create big, bold and colourful paintings and print designs from my home studio in the mountainous Grampians region of Victoria, Australia.    My work is inspired by my life here and the optimism I feel being surrounded by such beauty. This is my life in vivid, joyful colour!Hello, my name is Emily. I’m an Australian artist, currently living in Spain. I work mostly in watercolour, love using bright rainbow colours, and absolutely love painting anything to do with nature. I have always loved art but have only started to paint more regularly in the last year or so (thanks to some encouragement from an awesome sister and some free time from that small worldwide pandemic)Emma Jayne  I’m an illustrator and pattern designer, living in the beautiful county of Cheshire in the UK. I work  mainly in my home studio, which is my own little creative bubble. I love to freelance, and this allows  me to work with different clients on a variety of interesting and exciting projects.   The projects I work on tend to be children’s book illustrations, editorial pieces, and patterns for  fabrics. I love to draw animals and nature subjects and for a recent collaboration with H&M, I was  able to draw sea creatures and jungle animals and use these for patterns for fabric, to be used in a  children’s capsule collection. I have a few more exciting projects, set to be launched next year.   I work with traditional materials; gouache, watercolour and ink and I then finish off my artwork using  Photoshop.   As well as being passionate about colour and pattern, loving to combine different colour  combinations, I take a keen interest in the environment and will sometimes use my work to highlight  environmental issues.   I love my work to create feelings of joy and optimism and I get great satisfaction when I receive  messages from people saying that my work has made them feel happy and uplifted!