How many cloth nappies do I need?

How many cloth nappies do I need?

How to work out how many cloth nappies you will need

If you're looking into using cloth nappies for your baby for the first time, you may be wondering 'how many cloth nappies do I need?'

It's understandable when you are switching to a reusable option instead of disposables that it gets kind of confusing working out exactly how many cloth nappies you need.

The key to working this out is asking yourself two important questions:

  1. Am I wanting to cloth full time or part time?
  2. How often do I want to be washing?

Okay, so let's explore how many cloth nappies you need depending on your answers to those questions!

Full time, washing every other day [20-30 nappies]

You should be able to use cloth nappies full time with a stash of about 20 - 30 nappies, if you are happy to wash every second day. If it is winter or you don't have a dryer to dry inserts, then you may want to select a quicker drying nappy insert such as microfiber or bamboo to speed up drying time.

Full time, washing twice a week [30-50 nappies]

With a stash of 30 - 50 nappies, you should be able to use cloth full time and only do your main wash twice a week. Do consider that if you have a smaller laundry and not a lot of storage space that this could prove to be difficult to maintain.

Part time, washing every other day [12 - 20 nappies]

Perhaps you only wish to use cloth part time and use disposables at night and when you're out and about or at day care. In this instance, you could get away with considerably fewer nappies. With a stash of 12 - 20 nappies, you can cloth part time, and wash every second day.

Part time, washing twice a week [20 - 30 nappies]

If you want to cloth part time, but not be washing as often (eg if you are have the added pressure of juggling paid work) then a stash of 20 - 30 nappies should allow you to cloth part time and only do your main wash a couple of times a week or possibly just on the weekend (depending on how much you supplement your nappies with disposables)

Newborns [20 - 24 nappies]

If you are wanting to use cloth nappies on a newborn and want to purchase newborn sized nappies, 20 - 24 newborn nappies should be adequate to get you through the first 6 weeks, washing every day.

Still unsure? Try our super, awesome cloth nappy calculator which you'll find here:

Hold up! What's this washing business all about?

In order to keep your cloth nappies hygienic and in great condition, you need to employ a fool-proof washing routine.

This will help you to not only keep your nappies squeaky clean and free of nasty smells it will also help their longevity and allow you to use them over multiple babies, which is the ultimate reusable hack! 

But don't worry, we've take care of your wash routine too! Just head on over to the Washing Cloth Nappies section on our website for a complete guide to washing your cloth nappies PLUS a free handy guide for you to download, print and stick up in your laundry! 



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