Cloth Nappy Basics

How many cloth nappies do I need?

The answer to this really does depend on how frequently you want to wash and also if you want to be using cloth part time or full time.

On average if you want to cloth part time then you will want 12-20 nappies which will allow you to wash every other day.

For full time use then you’re looking more like 20-30 nappies washing every other day. Want to wash less frequently? Add another 6 nappies for every extra day.

 Or use our super handy calculator below!

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How do you prepare your cloth nappies before use?

To prepare you cloth nappies before use, we recommend that you give your cloth nappy shell a single quick wash to remove any manufacturing residues. 

Our nappy inserts should reach maximum absorbency after approximately 10 washes. We recommend preparing your inserts by washing them a few times in a 40 degree wash before use.

Please note that your inserts will shrink after washing and the hemp insert will shrink more than the bamboo one. This is absolutely normal and will not impact the efficacy of the inserts. 


How should I store my cloth nappies?

Your clean and dry cloth nappies can be stored in baskets, on open shelving or inside clothing drawers. Your storage solutions for clean nappies will depend on space, personal style and convenience. We do recommend storing them near where you change your baby's nappy.

Soiled nappies are best stored in what is known as a 'dry pail'. This is essentially a plastic basket (or bucket with holes in it for aeration)

It's best to rinse poo and night nappies thoroughly before dry pailing. See our washing guidelines for further information on washing cloth nappies.


What materials are my cloth nappies made of?

Cloth & Crown cloth nappies are comprised of two components: a waterproof outer shell and absorbent inserts. Our shells are made of PUL which is a polyester fabric, backed with a waterproof laminate coating. They are lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey which is a stay-dry, breathable fabric that keeps bubs cool and is also excellent for sensitive skin. AWJ also has the added benefit of being stain resistant which is perfect for cloth nappies!

Cloth & Crown inserts are made of natural fibres. There are two inserts included with every Cloth & Crown nappy. The first is made of 4 layers of a hemp/cotton blend, this combination is superior in holding large amounts of liquid. The second insert is made of 4 layers of super soft bamboo, which is fast absorbing and gets more and more absorbent with every wash! In total you have 8 layers of absorbent material which provides worry-free absorbency to get you through even the longest of naps.


How absorbent are Cloth & Crown nappies?

Based on our own in-house testing, our inserts hold the amount of liquid as outlined below. Please note these results are based on inserts that have been previously prepped over 6 - 10 washes.

Hemp/Cotton insert: approx 159mls

Bamboo insert: approx 211mls

Total combined absorbency: approx 370mls/12.5oz

(Please note, individual results may vary) 


Where are Cloth & Crown nappies made?

Our cloth nappies, wet bags and change mats are Australian owned and designed, but are ethically manufactured offshore in China.

 Please note our crowns are 100% handmade in Australia.