Washing your cloth nappies


Prepare: Tip solids into the toilet. Rinse with hot water and scrub any stains with Stain Remover/Soap and a silicone scrub brush. Squeeze out excess liquid and store, uncovered, in a dry pail.

 Prewash: Wash nappies in a 40 degree wash for approx 30 mins. Return to dry pail till ready for Main Wash. Use detergent according to machine instructions. Avoid using bleach and softeners.

 Main Wash: When there are enough nappies to fill machine 3/4 full (or alternatively fill out with other laundry such as baby clothes) put nappies in for a long and hot wash (approx 60 degrees for 2-3 hours) Again, use detergent according to machine instructions and avoid using bleach and softeners.

 Dry: Dry nappy shells by hanging on clothes airer. Inserts can either be tumble dried on low heat or hung to dry. Avoid putting shells in direct sunlight or in dryer as this will deteriorate the waterproof membrane.

 Troubleshooting: Shrinking of inserts is normal and the hemp/cotton insert will shrink more than the bamboo one. If you are experiencing some curling of the edges of your inserts (specifically the hemp/cotton one) this is also completely normal and will not effect their use. However, you can help improve curling by gently stretching the insert before line drying.

how to wash cloth nappies Australia

Download and print our washing instructions here.

The offical Australian Nappy Association cloth nappy washing guidelines are also available to download here.

For further information on how to wash cloth nappies in Australia, detergent choices and troubleshooting issues, we recommend visiting the Cloth Nappy Help website here. Alternatively, you can seek help in our Cloth & Crown VIP Group.

how to wash cloth nappies Australia 

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