What my toddler ate in a day

What my toddler ate in a day


Looking for ideas on what to feed your busy, active toddler to keep them sustained, healthy and happy? Here's a run down of what I fed my toddler in a day.

Am I a qualified nutritionist or dietician? No.

Is this giving you the latest recipes and health advice based on extensive research? Also no.

I don't pretend to be any kind of expert in the field of kid's nutrition. I do however offer my child meals that I *hope* are healthy and I specialise in food that is quick, convenient and can be out together fairly easily. Because let's face it the majority of the time I am preparing meals for my toddler I am also doing a million other things like getting other kids ready for school, answering work emails and trying not to trip over the toddler having a tantrum in the middle of the kitchen floor.


Drinks: Water and approx 200ml of full-cream milk

Food: Fruit salad made of grapes, raspberries and strawberries. Vegemite toast on white bread. A small handful of wholegrain cereal (Fruity Bites)

What she actually ate: First she drank all her milk. Next she scoffed the raspberries and grapes, followed by half the cereal. She then continued to pick at a bit of this and that till she got bored and wanted to play.



Drinks: Water and approx 200ml of full-cream milk

Food: Fruit salad made of raspberries, grapes and blueberries. Cheese cubes and Goldfish crackers. Tortilla and salami strips with guacamole.

What she actually ate: First she drank half her milk. She ate some cheese first, then some fruit and kept picking back and forth between the two sections. She loved dipping her finger in the guacamole and experimented dipping the different foods into it. She continued to pick at this until all the fruit was gone, most of the cheese was gone and the guacamole had been sufficiently spread into every orifice.



Drinks: Water

Food: Rice, pulled pork, black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, guacamole and a few corn chips (She ate what the rest of us ate, which is usually the case at dinnertime unless we aren't eating till later)

What she actually ate: The first thing she went for was the rice. She then went for the corn but decided that was better on the floor. She loved the black beans and asked for more. She stuck her finger in the pork, but wasn't very enthusiastic about it. She enjoyed dipping the chips in her guacamole and tried a few cherry tomatoes.

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